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I’m fortunate enough to be teaching Business English this year. I’ve spent my time with the kids, I’ve had a change of perspective, I’ve learnt a lot from them and I definitely have changed my opinion of the little beings. This year, however, despite having to work my ass off for the same or less pay, I’m definitely finding it more challenging and satisfying in the way I need right now. My favourite thing is different perspectives: politics; culture; religion; education; history; economy, the list of the topics I cover on a weekly basis is endless. Mothers, singles, old, young, fat cats, people who’ve been demoted due to cut-backs, all these people give me eye-opening views of ideas on a daily basis. One thing I’ve come to realise however is that there is no idol to take the word of gospel from. Even the most successful and/or interesting people can be bitter and grumpy in their years and have a kind of attitude that isn’t what you need to hear at the cusp of defining whatever career you’re looking to find. I read something recently that reported that when a person airs their goals or major objective, they’re significantly less likely to achieve it (I can’t remember the source or figure). The idea was that, once said aloud and heard by someone else, the recognition and satisfaction was semi-achieved therefore the achievement itself wasn’t as exciting. This makes perfect sense to me, so I’m going to make an effort to keep my projects (and ambition) under wraps so as not to be congratulated, or as happened today, discouraged by outside parties… Still good sources for broadening the mind in general though!


New Project

Inspiration comes in all forms. Today I have decided to embark on a brand new project. I suppose it’s what I really love to do. It won’t bring me a lot of money, it will definitely require a lot self-discipline; something I definitely lack, but if I can achieve this, well, I’ll definitely have achieved something great.

Official start day: Friday 10:00am

Pleased to meet you

I’ve taken it upon myself to delete my old blogs, gone, they’re all gone! This stemmed from three things, firstly, the linguistics blog I’d started, to understand linguistics, before my M.A. in linguistics, well, was nothing about linguistics at all and was quite embarrassing to read back on. Secondly, my personally blogs were untouched in the last two years, and I felt they weren’t really me anymore. Finally, I needed to generally start afresh with all of it. So I’ll be using this blog as my sole personal blog, and have another linguistics one for anyone who’s interested in that side of things.

My current circumstance is that I am living in Madrid, just broke up with my boyfriend who still lives in the same house, along with three other nice Spanish housemates. I am jobless, I left the public school programme before the Summer in the hopes of moving onto the next rung on the career ladder and it’s not proving as successful as I’d expected it to be. I have a few nice friends here, a wonderful big room with a balcony in Malasaña, the alternative, busy part in the city centre, and I have finally accepted that Madrid is possibly one of the better places to live in for me right now.

I have had intensely itchy feet to move for a while, though I could say being in a relationship without a lot of independence contributed to that and now that I’m in a position where I could go anywhere (although with very limited cash reserves) I suddenly have a fear of being lonely and not being ready to be far away and thrown back onto a new culture- I was thinking of Korea, Australia, or Saudi Arabia.

I’m also very sensitive about my sudden realisation in that my M.A. in linguistics which I saved up to for over a year and then worked part-time during the full-time course hasn’t secured me a position as chief editor of The New York times, not even Carrie’s sex column offer has come my way,

I have her excessive smoking and drinking habits tuned to a fine tee however

nor have the pleas of linguistic opportunities of language documentation in the South of Italy. Although, I actually haven’t applied for any of these positions, my soul has been little crushed in Madrid. Firstly, the jobs aren’t really there it seems and when they do arise I’ve had to decline them for various real reasons or haven’t passed due to not being of native bilingualism.

I really wanted to move past teaching, I wanted to explore working with the skills I learned in the linguistics course. Now I’ve accepted that a year of teaching may be interesting, as being a language assistant killed me in the end due to the lack of autonomy but now even those positions are filled. Oops! I’m exhausted from the break-up, the lack of work and my usual positive, upbeat attitude is definitely being tested.

For this reason, I return to the blog, to practice my writing, to reevaluate my skills, and to find solace in creativity.